What Is A Termite Inspection Report?

What Is A Termite Inspection Report?

A termite report is a state official document or form called a Wood Destroying Insect Report or (WDIR). This is he form that a licensed termite inspector records his or her findings on during a termite inspection.

What is a termite inspection?

A termite inspection is a visual inspection of a home or structure, and whether or not termites are present, previously infested, or if it’s been treated by a professional. The inspector should be licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture in termites. Not many home inspectors are so be sure to check. Next Chapter Home Inspections is a termite licensed company.

What does a termite inspector do?

A termite inspector checks for active and or previous signs of subterranean termites and other wood destroying insects. The inspector uses visual clues such as conducive conditions. During the inspection the inspector should be pointing out the conducive conditions as they should be corrected. The inspection includes the inside and outside of the home from attic to crawl space.

What’s a conducive condition?

This is a condition or situation that can lead to a termite infestation. Heavy foliage next to the house is a common one for most inspections. Any wood to ground contact will be marked on the report along with any wood rot. A common one is fences touching the house. The TDA still considers this as wood to ground contact and will fail a report. The fence should be a least one inch away from the home. Debris around and under the home will be marked on the report as well. So make sure to get into that craw space and clear out that build up of wood out of there. Any areas with excessive moisture are highly conducive to termite infestation and should be corrected right away.